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It’s a rare blue moon this year during Covid so I can only imagine how crazy it’s going to be in the city that night!. Just imagine how many tears fell for the one thing that the person rising like a pheonix out of the ashes of hell wanted and never tasted or touched. WhatContinue reading “Halloween”


I had a negative situation with Calgary transit recently…. well I’m not going to get into just how hard they went to piss me off but I am sorry for yelling that way but sometimes I think that nobody hears me. I’m not suing anybody. I don’t even have a lawyer now. I was justContinue reading “Better”


The passion that I am feeling towards making things better in my own community really surprising. I have to be more patient and realize that we never will be exactly in the same place when it comes to gender and racial equality, but that change is more likely to occur slowly over time than someContinue reading “Girls”

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